Dysphagia is a swallowing disorder. Dr. Ledée Lozada offers the therapy program called McNeill Dysphagia Therapy, which is designed for patients to improve their techniques, effectiveness, and maintenance of swallowing.

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· MDTP is a systematic therapeutic program based on exercises for the treatment of adult patients with dysphagia.
· Individual sessions of rehabilitation therapies.
· The therapy program improves functions in a short time by increasing and expanding the range of foods and liquids in oral intake.

MDTP is based on physiological rehabilitation exercises that include: frequency, intensity, speed and coordination, and different planes of movement.

The objectives: safe swallowing, increase swallowing strength, increase swallowing speed, increase swallowing efficiency, reduce aspiration and debris, improve impaired swallowing mechanism, compensate, accommodate, and rehabilitate.

MDTP are systematic rehabilitation therapies for swallowing disorders.

MDTP treatment philosophy:
Practice + Amount + Challenges = Better swallowing

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