Do you know anyone with Parkinson's Disease?

Nine out of ten people with Parkinson's are at risk

of having a weak voice, which can create

Serious problems with speech and swallowing.

SPEAK OUT! ® It is designed as a voice therapy program, along with intensive home practice. Parkinson Voice Program will provide you with a detailed practice manual, once you are enrolled in the SPEAK OUT! ®

After completing the SPEAK OUT! ®, patients can enroll in the group therapy program called The LOUD Crowd®. Which is offered once a week to help reinforce and maintain the skills you have learned.

Once the individual has completed SPEAK OUT! ®, it's invited to participate in the follow-up sessions of The LOUD Crowd®, a social group that promotes and mantains all the benefits from therapies and community support.

· Program of twelve sessions of individual therapy.

· Voice therapy for Parkinson's Disease patients.

· The program enfasizes of speaking with determination and intent.

Rehabilitation services for adults

· Program of weekly sessions of group therapy.

· It is a follow-up program after the SPEAK OUT! therapies.

· The program encourages motivation, help, education, and camaraderie between patients.

Rehabilitation services for adults

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